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  •  Family owned and operated
  •  Licensed and insured
  •  Commercial and residential

Our History.

Bob Ress grew up around marine construction.  In the late 1940's, his father became involved in a wood preserving business.  There was little demand for treated wood then so to increase sales, he started building area docks with his treated wood.  When the dock business grew, he gave up wood treating and concentrated on marine construction projects.


In the late 1950's, Bob worked with The North Bay Company to develop some local mangrove islands and grass flat which became the development of Island Estates.  He used his father's barge to remove old pilings so they could dredge the area. He also built several platforms on the grass flats large enough to set up surveying equipment.  As development progressed, so did Bob's involvement. 


Bob and his company drove the foundation pilings for High & Dry Marina, all three Sea Island Condominium buildings and built private docks for the owners of North Bay Company. 


At 72, Bob does not build docks anymore.  He leaves that to his son Skip Ress, who now owns the company. 


Our Clients.

Located in Dunedin/Belleair - servicing all of Pinellas County

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